Our Soul is our essence. It is the vital nature of us that keeps us alive. Soul loss occurs when a part of this essence splits off from the rest of us because of physical or emotional trauma. This process can help the rest of our body and psyche survive, but it also limits our functioning and fulfillment.

Some symptoms of Soul loss can include: dissociation, occluded memories, dysfunctional patterns of behavior and thinking, addictions, chronic illness, depression,and feeling"spaced out". Soul Retrieval brings back the part(s) that left and helps facilitate their reintegration into the client's personality and life. It is a very useful complement to psychotherapy and/or bodywork, and is often best used in conjunction with them. Soul Retrieval is one of the profoundest techniques in what I call "Journey Healing".

The inner journey is the foundational method taught by teachers of what is know as "Core Shamanism". "Core shamanism" was developed and termed by anthropologist Michael Harner, after studying numerous indigenous cultures and their healing techniques, from around the world. He identified practices and beliefs that he perceived as being common to all of them and developed a set of "core" techniques adapted to modern Western culture.

In Journey Healing, using steady, monotonous sound, often from drums or rattles, the practitioner enters an altered state of consciousness and goes on an inner journey to non-ordinary reality--the world of spirit. There she meets with spirit helpers and allies who are willing to guide, protect, heal and give her needed information for herself and her clients. Helping spirits often appear as animals, plants, or in human form. Journeying is centered in the heart, and is intimately connected with the natural world.

Besides Soul Retrieval, a client can be cleared of inappropriate energies, and helped to gain personal power, which can also help with illness,depression,and even bad luck. Over time, through experience in working with one's spirit allies, the forms of healing and guidance may change and evolve. A healing may be free form. The possibilities are endless. Practitioners may also use sound, song and chant, dance, touch, ritual, ceremony, art,etc, to facilitate needed change. Clients can also be taught to journey.

It is important to remember that Journey Healing is on a spiritual level. Although its effects may be felt on the material planes, it is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic care. Nor is it equivalent to traditional indigenous healing practices developed in place based cultures over many generations and thousands of years. For more on Soul Retrievals, you can visit my teacher's website at www.sandraingerman.com and click on her articles and book titles.


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