Reiki is a very gentle, simple, and yet profound form of energy and spiritual healing. It was developed in Japan in the early 1900's by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki is Japanese for "spiritually guided universal life force energy." Life force energy refers to "qi" (pronounced "chee") in Chinese, and "ki" ("kee") in Japanese. It is an energy that exists everywhere and that keeps us alive.

Reiki is considered to be a form of QiGong, the Chinese word for practices that enable people to exchange energy with the universe and to cultivate it internally. Other forms of QiGong include acupuncture, t'ai chi, and the oriental martial arts.

The practitioner is a channel or vehicle for the flow of Reiki. She/he obtains this ability at classes in which a Reiki Master (teacher) "attunes" the student to the energy in a ceremony of empowerment. The student can then receive Reiki from the general atmosphere and channel it through her hands into the client.

During a treatment, the client lies fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. The practitioner places her hands on the client's body and allows the Reiki to flow where it is needed. How much is received and where it flows to is determined by the client's innate wisdom. And since the Reiki flows through the therapist first, she also gets treated.

Reiki increases the vitality of the client, enhancing the healing capacities of the body/mind. Injuries heal more quickly, pain is lessened or reduced, issues seem to be more easily resolved, and integration,balance and release are more easily achieved. During a session, the client and therapist are enveloped in a field of peaceful and loving energy. The therapist feels or intuitively knows when the Reiki is flowing , and when the hand placements need to change. The Reiki itself can be experienced as a warmth or tingling, or as a peaceful and calming feeling. Reiki works on all levels of being: physical, mental/emotional, spiritual.

Anyone can be attuned to practice Reiki. Classes are given by a Reiki Master (teacher), such as myself, and consist of information about Reiki, its history and various lineages, and initiation or "empowerment" ceremonies. The ceremonies open the students' energy centers to Reiki, which enable the student to channel it. Every student receives and gives a full Reiki treatment. There is plenty of time for discussion and questions.

There are three levels of Reiki. Reiki I empowers the student to give hands-on treatments on themselves, others, plants, animals, and even machines. Level II deepens the access to Reiki and includes emotional/mental healing techniques and the ability to do long-distance treatments. Reiki III deepens the student's access further and prepares him or her to teach Reiki classes and to attune others.


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