The purpose of this work is to become more aligned with one's Soul's purpose, by releasing blockages around one issue or challenge at a time. I utilize a framework of questions, intuitive information, and pendulum dowsing.

The client chooses an issue or challenge as the focal point of the session. This can be a physical complaint or challenge, an emotional issue, or a life issue such as work, creativity, or location. For example, clients have chosen to work on their depression, sexual abuse, problems with making money, problems with their children or spouses, an injury, etc.

The release work is done in layers, determined by the wisdom of the client's deeper or higher Self, in cooperation with the guides of both client and practitioner. We may connect with several past life situations and/or some from the present life. Sometimes we connect to a time in-between lives. Emotions, beliefs, vows or agreements that are being held in the physical or energy bodies and that no longer serve the client now are identified and cleared. Inappropriate connections between people, such as "cords" are also severed and removed. At times it may be important to sever ties with a cultural identity. If a client's energy field is occupied by entities or other energies that interfere with his/her well-being, it will be cleared. Healing energy in the form of color, a belief, a plant or animal totem, or pure 'chi' may need to replace what has been released.

The changes in one's life can be apparent immediately, or felt or seen over time. One client landed a job the next day. Another stopped nibbling between meals and lost 30 lbs. in one month. In Body/Soul Dialogue, the client's deeper wisdom has the final say. No more will change than what the client can handle. An issue may need only one session or several. These treatments are most effective for people who have had experience processing their emotions and psychological issues through other therapies, or who are doing so concurrently.

There is usually a sense of relief and clarity about oneself, and a new found feeling of freedom.

There is no way to prove whether what seems to be a past life is actually a past life, or if what appears is offered as a metaphor to enable clarity and growth or change. However, I work with the information that seems like it comes from a past life as if it were so. Either way, the information seems to be helpful to my clients when it appears.


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Insurance: I accept auto accident insurance, workmen's compensation insurance, and other insurance that pays for medical massage.

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